Guide’s Day Off

17th November 2017

My friend and fishing guide Gerard Smyth came and joined me for a days fishing on one of the bigger lakes I fish in Westmeath.  Conditions were perfect, some nice wind and overcast.  Spent most of the day trolling as this is Gerard’s preference over casting.  The sun came out for awhile and I managed to persuade Gerard to try a bit  of casting but it didn’t last long.  I caught a few fishing casting using a white Savage Gear rat and a large spinner bait.  Wasn’t long before Gerard wanted to go back trolling!!!


It didn’t take long for the trolling to pay off as we started to hit some big fish over deep water, using 30cm line-thru trout and Magnum bulldawg.  We had three fish over a meter, with Gerard landing the best in the high 20’s.  The fish fought real hard making Gerard work for his catch.   He will never let me live this down, trolling over casting!

I managed to land a meter fish and within 10 minutes had another meter fish in the boat.  They were all nice fat fish with lots of power and give us a great fight.  It was a great day fishing and a great laugh with Gerard. Look forward to getting out again with him {maybe more casting the next time 😉 }